Bridal Accessories That Will Make You Feel like a Princess

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Christian brides are unlike any other brides in this world. Their weddings are more of western culture and different traditions. Once you know that you are about to engage, you know that you have lots of shopping to do from your hair pins to jewelry to clothes to shoes. Everything has to be new and elegant at the same time. We have compiled some of the best and essential accessories for you so that you can feel special on your big day and can literally get the best of both worlds.

White Gold: For those Christian brides who don’t wish to wear gold with her wedding dress, picking the white gold and diamonds can prove to be the most suitable option. It makes no difference whatever your wedding dress looks like, White Gold jewelry is going to compliment your dress anyway. It comes in the myriad range that you can choose from; only sky is the limit.

Pearl or Coral Bangles: If you love experiments and want to experiment something different on your D-day then opt for these pearl or coral bangles. They not only look good with your gown but they are cost-effective also as compared to diamond and gold bangles. They are unconventional, elegant and will make you stand out.

Headgears: The days are gone when brides used to wear crowns on their wedding day. Presently, Flower Tiaras are very much in trend as they not only look stylish but they super comfortable and look cute on the bride as well.

Shoes: Shoes should be the most comfortable thing in all. If you don’t have comfortable shoes then your whole wedding will be spoilt because they can be very painful throughout. The heels of your shoes should be according to your height. Medium heels, i.e. 3.5-4 inches are the best which can be carried by every height whether it is short or long.

Clutches: Clutches should be chosen with patience and wisely in accordance with your wedding dress and accessories. Your clutches are supposed not to be too heavy and full of accessories which will be difficult to carry with your gown.

Now you know the latest trend and essential accessories to carry with your gown. So, what are you waiting for? Go and start searching for the best possible accessory with your gown. Look your best and stand out with super stylish yet trendy and comfy accessories on your D-day.

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