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druzy quartz

It comes with no surprise that demand for druzy quartz in Fashion Jewelry and Gemstone industry is increasing with each passing day. Today, druzy quartz is appreciated across the world for its sparkling and incredible beauty. Before we move ahead, let’s first understand what drusy quartz is? Druzy (also known as “drusy” or “druse”) is the term given to a precious gemstone that has a natural surface texture similar to the fine sugar crystals. There is a plethora of beautiful types of drusy quartz (or druzy quartz) jewelry styles and pieces such as rings, pendants and ear rings available in the market. Each gemstone is one-of-a-kind owing to its magnificent appearance.

For over 1000s of years, water moves into the cavities of a surrounding rock formation, consistently filling them with mineral water and then evaporates. Each time, the water evaporates, it leaves behind a shimmering crystal residue that ultimately hardens and forms what we popularly called drusy quartz. Each precious & semi-precious gemstone is covered with these glittering minerals and can vary in sizes from fine sand to that of rock salt or sugar crystals. No matter, which color or type you choose, each gemstone glows with its own special appearance.

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